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Radio Mirchi Advertising

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Jingle is a short audio message, used to define and promote a product or a brand. It usually varies between 10-30 seconds. It can be played during the following time bands: Prime Time - Ads are split between 7 am - 12 pm & 5 pm - 11 pm, Mixed Time - Ads are split between 7 am - 11 pm.

Radio Mirchi, Mumbai is a Hindi language radio station that is a high-impact marketing strategy for brand promotion in a limited time. Radio Mirchi, Mumbai Advertising targets listeners who usually tune in to the radio while stuck in traffic or commuting. In Radio Ads, advertisers buy airtime to play a brief audio containing the brand message.Radio Advertising allows customised brand messages to be played to improve brands credibility and promotes brand recall to potential customers. Through repeated advertising, Advertising in Radio Mirchi, Mumbai will generate consumer attraction and influences a city-wide audience effectively. Place your Radio Mirchi, Mumbai Ads Now!

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