Hoarding Meaning

Hoardings are the large advertising boards erected on top of buildings or road sides, which can prominently feature printed graphics and designs. While these panels can be hosting with vinyl or flex, they’re hugely effective as the basis for an outdoor advertising campaign.

There is being a bit of confusion over the British vs American definitions of what hoardings advertising are. In the US, hoardings can refer to roadside advertisement panels – such as billboards – which can make things a little confusing. In the UK, hoardings mainly refer to the protective panels that protect the public from construction sites, but in India Hoardings refer to Large Advertising display boards .These are a legal requirement, and so any construction site in a public place will have a set of these – making for plentiful advertising opportunities!

Hoarding  Definition :A very large sign in a public place on which advertisements are shown: advertising hoardings, A number of buildings have been demolished, with hoardings put up around the empty spaces.

Hoarding Design

Hoarding design is the artwork which will use for displaying advertising in hoarding. Your artwork will only be visible for a few seconds at a time. Good hoarding designs communicate without a lot of content. In fact, most travelers will stop reading after five words. Try to convey the essence of a creative rather than describing it with prose.

Use the Correct Ad Dimensions :

The hoarding you choose will determine the dimensions of the artwork that you will need to create. The ads you submit must match the pixel size of the hoardings they will appear on. Hoarding sizes vary by board. The required sizes for your artwork are listed as “ad size” in the board display information for each hoarding individually. This information can be found after you select a hoarding board during the campaign set-up process.

How much does a Hoarding or billboard cost?

Hoardings or Billboards are priced according to size, location, and length of agreement. We offer competitive pricing based on your needs. Please feel free to search on search bar type location and city vise.