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No Parking Boards Advertising

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Size:- 18'x12'

Numbers Of Boards500,1000,2000

No Parking Board Advertising in  Mumbai is an advertisement done on the society gate. Advertisement on NO Parking Board in  Mumbai generates curiosity in the minds of on-lookers, and your brand stays in their mind at the conscious as well as subconscious level. NO Parking Boards in  Mumbai are the most affordable outdoor medium to advertise on.No Parking Board advertising is one of the most commonly used advertising mediums by businesses in  Mumbai. One can find No Parking Board Advertisements on gates of residential and commercial buildings in the prime locations.Types of No Parking Boards in India for AdvertisingNo Parking Boards Advertising can be of different types based on the material used for the board.The most common types of No Parking Boards include -1.Metal or Tin Sheet No Parking Board Advertising � this is the traditional No Parking Board used by advertisers that are strong, thick, long-lasting, and weatherproof. This material allows for good quality printing of any ad creative type.2.SunPack No Parking Board Advertising-these are plastic corrugated sheets that come in different colors allowing the advertiser to choose from different background colors for his ad without extra printing. This material is a lightweight, low cost, and relatively easy to install for the vendor. This material is also eco-friendly and is not harmful to the environment. However, these boards have a shorter life than the tin/metal boards and tend to spoil in due course.The other less common, higher-end No Parking Boards are -1.Reflective Sheets � due to their reflective property these No Parking Boards are the best suited for night times. These advertising boards are resistant to all weather types and require very little care making it extremely effective and durable for advertisers.2.Prismatic Sheets � these are not one of the commonly used advertising types for No Parking boards. However, this material is UV resistant, weatherproof, long-lasting, and highly luminescent which makes the advertisement visible from a long distance.Why Advertise in No Parking Boards -There are multiple advantages of advertising in No Parking Boards -. Firstly, being a new media, advertising in No Parking Boards - Mumbai is clutter-free and has a novelty associated with it. Secondly, as advertising in No Parking Boards - Mumbai requires a small budget for the experiment you can start with a minimum investment and scale up if it works for you.Advertising Rate for No Parking Boards - You can get the rate to advertise in No Parking Boards - Mumbai on the Media Option and Pricing section of the website. The cost of placing an ad in No Parking Boards - Mumbai depends on the business size. Typically, you can expect a discount on the card rate of advertising on No Parking Boards - Mumbai at the time of campaign closure. To check any offereded rate for advertising in No Parking Boards -  please add the media to your bag and look for the offer.Advertising Agency for placing ads in No Parking Boards - Hoardingmart.com is an authorized advertising agency that can help you to place ads in No Parking Boards . You can contact us to get discounted rates for advertising in No Parking Boards . You can contact Hoardingmart.com either through email,  Whatsapp, or our Customer Support. You can be assured of the best rates and service for your advertising campaign in No Parking Boards - Mumbai
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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